7 Reasons You Need To Fix Your Credit

7 Reasons You Need To Fix Your Credit

Whether you believe it or not, your credit is affecting your every day life, no matter who you are. More and more businesses are using credit scores to make decisions about you, which can ultimately lead to you spending more in the long term. Curious how a low credit score can affect you? Here is a list of 10 things that may already be affected by your credit.

1. Stop debt collector harassment Debt collectors can be relentless in pursuing a debt, which means endless calls and letters. This can lead to increased stress, and affect your overall quality of life. Sometimes it may be necessary to pay off a debt collector, or in some cases we can find other solutions to help remove those collections from your score without you having to pay off that debt. 2. Renting a new house or apartment Many landlords now require a credit report check in order to decide whether or not to approve your lease application. Bad credit can easily get your apartment application denied. 3. Stop paying high security deposits Phone companies, utility companies, and apartments are a few examples of companies that will check your credit before establishing service. To mitigate their risk companies which charge you a much higher up-front deposit if they feel they cannot trust you to make payments on time. 4. Getting a high paying job So you’re finally getting that dream job, but did you know that your credit score can keep you from getting hired? That’s right, many companies, especially government jobs, financial jobs, management and financial jobs can base your financial and leadership skills on your personal credit score. 5. Stop relying on co-signers It’s never easy to have to rely on a co-signer, and many times they are hard to find. Most likely that person would have to be willing to put their own credit score on the line, without receiving any direct benefits. 6. Buying a house It’s pretty common knowledge that a great credit score can get you the home of your dreams, while a bad credit score can make purchasing a house a true nightmare. Before you step into any new home, it is wise to raise your credit score beforehand to make your expectations and goals clear. 7. Starting a business Many businesses can greatly benefit from the cushion that a business loan can provide them, which can ultimately lead to more growth for the company. Still, bad credit can greatly limit those loan opportunities for you and your company, and can increase the pressure on the business to create capital.

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